Artist Manifesto

Humans evolved surrounded by the beauty of our planet, and our galaxy. We are living in a world created by the movement of water and the passage of time. There have been great floods, great periods of destruction and then a rebirth, all having their particular beauty. Beauty has been part of our coevolution with the planet.  For this reason, I think that beauty is so important to the wellbeing of individuals and as a collective whole. We need to have it around us, it makes us feel pleasure. When we see something or someone and feel attraction, emotions are born. These emotions, these feelings and memories flood our system with endorphins which make us feel alive, give us hope, make us dream. In a way it is a religious experience. It is my hope that when a person takes a print and gives it a new home next to their desk or hanging it in a bedroom where that person sleeps and wakes up... it is my hope that when they look at it, they will feel emotions of beauty, of hope, of love and wellbeing. So as this occurs, and that person moves about their day, they carry those feelings and share that beauty and sweetness with others.

For that reason, I diligently work, to create a massive body of work so that many people are reached, and that many people have the opportunity of having handmade beautiful art in their life and thus making the world a better place.