Santiago Palacio

Santiago Palacio is a printmaker, poet and painter currently working in Yosemite National Park. Originally from South America, Santiago currently lives in a rustic cabin in the park where he spends eight months of the year devoted to public service. Through his art as well as his work, he aims to inspire people to fall in love with one of the greatest American legacies: the wild and public lands of the National Parks.
Santiago often works late into the night printing these unique pieces by hand on high quality cotton paper with oil based inks. Each limited edition piece is dried in the peace and quiet of Yosemite’s forests for two weeks before being matted and ready to frame. In the spirit of the National Parks’ wild and public lands, his goal is to make original art that is beautiful, accessible and memorable to all. 
*** These prints are open edition, meaning that it is unknown how many will be printed. A print will be no longer printed once the artist judges that fidelity of print has been lost due to use. I do not want to limit myself in how many times I can print something that I enjoy and want to share. The idea would be that by limiting the number the price would be more. I am not interested in creating boundaries of access due to price.  Prints will be serialized by run and number of prints made in that run i.e., 3:1/14 that means it is the 3rd time that cut has been printed and it is the first in 14 prints hand pulled that day by the artist. Every piece is inventoried and part of a digital matrix that holds each piece as authentic and part of a moment in time where these pieces were produced. The tiny prints are excluded from this system. These do not have a run, these are serialize, signed and date.